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Disability Services

MES Solutions provides clients with credible, unbiased, evidence-based Independent Medical Examinations (IME) and Peer Reviews. MES Solutions can meet all your IME and Peer Review needs.

With access to a broad network of board certified, active practice physicians and appropriately licensed allied professionals from all major medical specialties and sub-specialties, MES is able to assist Disability Carriers, Third-Party Administrators and Employers in the management of claims by providing clear, concise, well-supported IME and Peer Review reports.

Individual/Group Disability and Health Claims including:
For IMEs we offer:

MES understands the importance of timeliness, communication, and quality. These three characteristics are the focal point of a successful partnership:

Exam will be scheduled 10-14 days from the date of the referral, unless otherwise noted, and the report can be delivered 7-10 days from the date of the exam.

MES will provide an update of the referral within 24-48 hours after receipt. The exam date will be communicated to the case owner as well as confirmation that the claimant showed for the exam. Once the report is received the case owner will be notified of the report status.

A Registered Nurse will QA the report prior to forwarding it to the case owner. If the report does not address the necessary issues it will be sent back to the physician. When finalized the report will again be reviewed by a Registered Nurse and then forwarded on to the case owner.

For Peer Review we offer:

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