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Medical Panel

MES Solutions expert medical panel has over 11,000 credentialed physicians, another 1,000 physicians are unique to our disability medical panel.  The members of our panel cover all the major medical specialties and many experts have multiple specialties.  MES experts have an active medical license, are board certified, and have active practices with at least five years of direct patient care.  Medico-legal knowledge is essential.  All experts are credentialed using primary source verification to ensure clients have access to the most qualified experts.

Credentialing Services

MES Solutions National Network Development Group credentials the professional experts on our panel.  Records are validated using primary source verification.  Professionals are re-credentialed every two years or upon expiration of a credential.  Moroever, professional status is monitored 24/7.  The National Practitioner Data Bank service notifies MES within 24 hours of an infraction or sanction associated with a professional.  Liability insurance is available to physician professionals.  This unique service is part of our best-practices management, one of the several ways MES assists clients to mitigate risk and liability.

Regulatory Compliance and Oversight