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Affiliate With MES

Physicians can supplement income without incurring any additional overhead expense.

Benefits include:
  • Receiving EFT direct deposit payment
  • Bi-monthly payment for completed cases
  • Working remotely
  • Accepting referrals on your schedule
  • Reviewing medical records/cases online
  • Accessing our secure web portal 24/7
  • Enjoying a paperless workflow

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Large Referral Volumes

IMEs Peer Reviews Record Reviews
AME Concurrent Film Review
DIME Prospective Record/Bill Review
Disability Retrospective Second Opinion
FCE Pre-Certification State Specific
IME Special Investigation  
QME Appeal  


Diverse Review Needs

Issues Addressed
Admission or hospital LOS
Benefit and coverage
Causality related to injury
Experimental / Investigation
Length / extent of disability
Medical nescessity
Quality of care

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Professional Services Support

MES manages every step of the referral. The cases are sent to you by our professionals or our registered nurses. Our dedicated well-trained staff works directly with you to coordinate and accommodate your schedule. Turnaround time for cases is critical due to regulatory and client requirements and most Peer Review cases require attending physician contact.


Pro Services Support

Regulatory Compliance and Oversight