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Medicare Compliance

Workers’ Compensation MSA (WCMSA)
The MES WCMSA is produced using a high level of medical and legal expertise. This report is concise, accurate and offers reasonable future care recommendation at a competitive price point.
Liability / No Fault MSA
MES liability and No Fault Auto products are designed to aggressively contain costs while fulfilling all statutory and ethical obligations under the MSP. This report is generated using well known standards of care as a basis for projected medical needs and is used appropriately when Medicare exposures are an issue.
Apportionment MSA
An MES apportioned MSA identifies the total cost of future Medicare-covered expenses and the actual funding amount needed to comply with MSP obligations in liability and no fault auto claims. This service typically reduces MSA expenditures in most settlements/judgments/awards by more than 50% while providing a very high level of protection from MSP exposures.
Conditional Payment Resolution Services
MES Conditional Payment solutions provide assurance that all Medicare Secondary Payers exposures are addressed correctly when closing a claim through settlement. A full complement of services are available for Medicare, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage liens.